We’re going on tour in August and we’re looking for a handful of hosts across the US!

If you’re reading this it means that you’ve expressed interest in hosting which is so exciting! House shows are a very unique and down-to-earth music experience. So much fun! We’ll perform our songs and tell a few most likely awkward stories about life as a musical duo, and before and after our performance we’ll make time to mingle.



1) Do you have an interior space like a big living room, loft, art gallery, or the like? We’re hoping for 20 guests or more to make the night a success, so think about how many people you could realistically fit in your home/space, taking into account there needs to be a performance area, too. (We don’t take up too much space.) Do you have enough parking to accommodate everyone? Are your neighbors okay with possible extra noise? We’ll be playing acoustically as a duo, and we won’t be extremely loud, but we still want to make sure that your neighbors are cool with the inevitable noise of a friendly gathering in the form of a house show. So maybe just invite your neighbors. ;) And speaking of noise, you will not need to provide a sound system.

2) We will be traveling “miles and miles” (ba dum chhh) so we’d love to have at least 20 people at the shows to make it a fun and vibrant experience. Instead of ticket sales, we’re going to go out on a limb and make this a donation-based concert. As soon as the concert is over you can make an announcement encouraging guests to donate whatever they feel they’d like to give. Once in a while this makes hosts uncomfortable, but if a “pass the hat” moment is expected, we find that folks understand. Above all, we want everyone to feel welcome, even if they cannot contribute financially. It’s more about the music and the people to us, but by having 20+ guests, the donations usually work out to cover all of our expenses, which we greatly appreciate!

If you’d rather your guests not worry about money, you can pay a flat fee of $500. Maybe a couple of your closest buddies would pitch in. Either way, if you have any questions about the money money money, don't hesitate to ask.

3) Since we’re bringing the show to you, we’re guessing that you’ll want to invite your friends, family, and acquaintances. We’d also like to make each show available to people in the community that follow our music, but if you’d rather this be more of a private event we are completely fine with that. Every show may be a little different so please feel free to let us know your preferences. 

4) We’ll have an online sign up we can keep track of who’s coming and make sure we don’t go over maximum capacity. We’ll give you a guest list beforehand and you can check people off as they arrive if you’d like. We’ll contact everyone about expectations and info for each show. We’ll make a Facebook event and add you as an admin so that you can invite all of your friends and keep people in the know as much as you’d like. We will not post your address publicly, and the guests will receive an email a week before with your address. This is all sounding very professional. We’re very laid back, but still want to make sure everything runs smoothly!



6pm - We arrive at your home to setup, chit chat, go over any details, and help get things ready

7pm - Guest start to arrive. Fun times ensue.

8pm - Guests gather in main area. We “take the stage” wherever the designated performance space is, and play for around an hour.

9pm - Mingling and guests exiting.

9:30pm - We tear down and hang out a bit more.

10pm - We say goodbye to our favorite hosts. You take a deep sigh in your favorite chair and decide if you'll move the furniture back tonight or wait for tomorrow after you recoup.



- We'd ask you to promote the show well, inviting friends and family, and sharing on social media. We'd love to share our music with as many people as possible.

- We’d love it if you made it known we’re looking for a fun and laid back hang out and concert. Nothing wild, please. 

- A small table/counter would be appreciated for us to claim as our merch table for the night.

- We will have string lights to bring along, but other than that, the performance space doesn’t need to be anything fancy. That’s up to you, really.

- Some hosts like to offer or sell snacks/drinks, and some don't. Entirely your choice. It’s not required or expected. You can even make this a potluck.

- To keep things simple and focused we will not have another act at the show. 

- We love animals but we ask you keep them out of the guest areas during the show. Brett’s kind of allergic to cats/dogs, but this isn’t a deal breaker.


If you've read through and want to talk further about a possible house show please email us with your address and description of your house/space to

Also, if you have any questions, as away!